"He is old". But she is wrong. It is not age; it is that a drop has fallen; another drop.

Virginia Woolf

Claudio Santambrogio is a photographer and flutist.

He has been active as a flutist both in the field of early as well as contemporary music, specializing on period instruments. He is a member of The Modena Consort. With the instrument maker Boaz Berney he worked on the reconstruction of an instrument for the Medieval repertoire, based on a very unusual instrument from the Musikinstrumenten-Museum in Berlin.

He is a self-taught photographer, working almost exclusively with analogue film cameras, primarily with large format cameras. He prefers to work with historical lenses, mounted in barrels without a shutter. This allows for the flexibility of manual exposure with the help of lens caps. He develops and processes the negatives and prints with traditional photographic craft and chemicals, often making use of historical photographic techniques.

He is working at the Conservatorio della Fotografia, a centre for analog photography and traditional photographic printing, making direct colour and black-and-white prints from negatives, as well as printing with various alternative techniques.

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