Hier sitz ich, forme Menschen
Nach meinem Bilde,
Ein Geschlecht, das mir gleich sei,
Zu leiden, zu weinen,
Zu genie├čen und zu freuen sich,
Und dein nicht zu achten,
wie ich!

J.W. Goethe


In this section you can download various FREE Software.

I myself did not write the software I am presenting here - my contribution is, with the only exception of Edxor, limited to packaging all necessary files into a comfortable binary installer. Edxor simply is mirrored for a friend, and my translations of the help files are supplied.

a little additional note

Win32 users are, in the average, less confident with system internals and with knowledge about how and where to modify files, folders or the registry in order to obtain a desired result. Many opensource applications are delivered (are still delivered) as a bundle of files that need the user to install and configure them manually to have them running on their system. This is, in my experience, one of the major problems for the average Win32 user not to employ free, opensource software.

Now MPlayer is one of the best if not the absolutely best media player around, and when I realised that there seemed to be no easy way to obtain the Win32 binary files and there was not the slightest trace of an installer, I felt sorry for all those Win32 users who would never dare to install it manually. -- Later, of course, I found out that there are some other, similar projects on the net. Maybe it is about time that the MPlayer for Win32 finds its own network...

Lynx is the one standard text browser and an absolute must for web designers to check their websites for accessibility, and although many valid alternatives are appearing, Lynx still is a reference point. Again the same problem: Lynx is to be found on any Linux system, but Win32 users had to find their way to one of the few websites offering a Win32 binary along with a long description on how to procede for installation. How big was my surprise not to have found one, not one single binary installer for Win.